Spa Packages

Pamper yourself or treat someone else to a relaxing experience designed to refresh and revitalize.

Package price listed is before sales tax and does not include gratuity. Packages may not be split between customers. Package are non-refundable. No substitutions on services, though value may be applied to other services. In fairness to our staff and other clients, minimum 48 hours notice is required to change or cancel package appointments or services are forfeited.

Mini Spa

Enjoy a relaxing one-hour massage, followed by our signature Avalon Manicure and Avalon Pedicure. It's the perfect pick-me-up package to help you feel renewed.

Relaxation Massage (60 min.)
Avalon Manicure (30 min.)
Avalon Pedicure (45 min.)

1 hr. Massage; Avalon Mani/Pedi$120.00

Feeling Pretty

Really relax as our professional esthetician analyzes your skin and provides our one-hour signature facial to steam and cleanse your face. Any necessary extractions and a mask are included as well as a massage for your face, upper and lower extremities. A luxurious spa manicure and spa pedicure with the fragrance of your choice and a masque to soften skin will complete your pampering.

Facial (1 hr.)
Spa Manicure (45 min.)
Spa Pedicure (1 hr.)

Avalon Facial; Spa Mani; Spa Pedi: 2 hrs., 45 min.$145.00

Radiant Lady (Mom-to-Be or New Moms!)

Itís the perfect shower gift for a mom-to-be or a great way to give the new mom a little relaxation. A one-hour pregnancy massage will be customized to provide relaxation and relief from tense and stressed muscles. A light facial will leave skin clean and refreshed, and a manicure and pedicure will ensure she leaves feeling pretty.

Pregnancy Massage (60 min.) 3rd trimester only
Freshen-up Facial (30 min.)
Avalon Manicure (30 min.)
Avalon Pedicure (45 min.)

1-Hr Pregnancy Massage; FreshenUp Facial; Mani/Ped$165.00

Relax, Renew, Refresh

Everyone can enjoy this soothing spa package that includes a one-hour relaxation massage to help you unwind and melt away your stress. Our signature Avalon Facial will cleanse your skin and leave it glowing. A smoothing Avalon Pedicure will be a treat for your feet, and the Avalon Manicure will make sure your hands feel wonderful, too. A blowout and style for your hair will ensure you leave refreshed.

Relaxation Massage (60 min.)
Avalon Facial (60 min.)
Avalon Manicure (30 min.)
Avalon Pedicure (45 min.)
Blowout and Style (45 min.)

Massage; Facial; Mani/Pedi; Blowout & Style$200.00

Super-Man Time

A one-hour relaxation massage will soothe tired muscles and our special MAN-icure...a softening soak with nail and cuticle care plus nail buffing...will take care of those hard-working hands. Aveda's Pramasana scalp treatment will cleanse and invigorate your scalp, leaving you feeling and looking your best!

Relaxation Massage (60 min.)
MAN-icure (30 min.)
Pramasana Scalp Treatment (45 min.)

Package price listed is before sales tax and does not include gratuity. Packages may not be shared between customers. No substitutions on packages. 48 hours notice is required to cancel package appointments or services will be forfeited.

1 hr. Massage; MAN-icure;Pramasana Scalp Treatment$120.00


From relaxing and refreshing to healing and energizing and everything in between, our expert, licensed esthetician will analyze your skin to ensure the best treatments for your skin type and needs.

Oxygen Facial

This luxurious facial is perfect for all skin types, and is especially helpful for skin that has been damaged by the sun or outside elements. Many experts believe that the environment, smoking, and an excessive amount of makeup can lead to a lack of oxygen in the skin. In this facial, your skin will be infused with 87 vitamins, minerals, and enzymes using highly concentrated and pressurized oxygen molecules. The system places 180 million oxygen molecules per second into critical areas such as red blood cells, collagen, and elastin fibers. The oxygen absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin for a smooth, fuller look, providing a healthy glow. It also strengthens the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tones, and diminishes pores. This facial is one and a half hours and includes cleansing, massage, steam, extractions, and a mask.

Oxygen Facial: 90 minutes$90.00

Oxygen Acne Treatment

Our licensed esthetician will use the healing properties of the pure oxygen molecule and specially combined vitamins and minerals to help control
harmful bacteria and lessen infection, inflammation and redness. This one and a half hour facial includes skin cleansing, steam massage, and a moisturizing
and calming treatment to help you look and feel your best.

90 minutes$90.00

UltraSonic Facial

Ultrasound technology will be used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove impurities. The ultrasonic waves will help prepare the skin to receive rich nutrients and achieve a radiant, healthy glow. This non-abrasive technique is safe for all skin types, including those suffering with rosacea or acne.

UltraSonic Facial: 90 minutes$85.00

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

We already have electrical currents that pulsate through our bodies. Microcurrent mimics the body's own natural bioelectrical field and, using special silver fiber gloves, sends tiny electrical currents throughout the muscles to help tone and tighten the thirty facial muscles and improve skin elasticity. Effects include:
-Stimulation of muscles
-Re-education of muscles
-Increase blood and lymph flow
-Increase of collagen and elastin production
-Increase of protein synthesis
-Helps anti-aging at a deep level
-Increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels--the fuel a cell needs to function!
This one and a half hour facial includes, cleansing, facial massage with steam, extractions, and mask.

Micro-Current Facial: 90 minutes$85.00

Avalon Facial

Our signature facial provides a basic treatment of cleansing pores, exfoliating dead skin cells, and addressing common concerns with a custom mask. The process will rejuvenate and nourish your skin, making it appear healthier and more youthful as well as making you feel pampered and relaxed. The Avalon Facial includes:
Cleansing - A cleansing agent is gently massaged into the face and decolletage to remove any traces of dirt and makeup.
Exfoliation - Dead skin cells are removed using a scrub or peel.
Massage - The face is gently massaged using steam.
Extractions - Clogged pores from blackheads and acne are cleared.
Mask & More - A custom mask to address specific areas of concern is applied.
Moisture & Protection - A moisturizer suitable for your skin type is applied in addition to a protective sunscreen.
This one hour facial is suitable for both women and men. Note that facials for men are customized to address the unique aspects of a man's face and conditions that may be a result of razor burns or ingrown hairs.

Avalon Facial: 60 minutes$65.00

LED Facial

The LED (light emitting diode) facial uses lights in different wavelengths/spectrums to benefit the skin in different ways. The light is non-damaging, painless, and relaxing. The skin responds differently depending on the color of the light. The cells in the dermis layer of the skin convert the light into energy. LED therapy is an excellent treatment for acne and aging skin on the face, neck, and even the back! It will help to clear acne, ignite production of collagen, and remodel elastin fibers, providing a more youthful complexion, especially for those with aged, dehydrated or hyper-pigmented skin. The LED device is based on technology from NASA and has also been used to heal wounds and relieve pain. This one and a half hour facial includes cleansing, facial massage, steam, extractions, and mask.

90 minutes$85.00

Back Cleansing

We incorporate our best facial techniques to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your back, then moisturize to restore nutrients and hydration.

Back Cleansing: 60 minutes$65.00

Ultrasound Facial

The Ultrasound Facial uses high-level sound waves, far beyond the range audible to humans, to penetrate below the skin, reaching the dermis without discomfort, to provide immediate rejuvenating effects that promote cellular renewal and repair. The sound waves help to tone muscles, tighten and plump sagging skin, and to smooth lines. It provides relief to puffy eyes, helps to minimize pores, and improve acne. This one and a half hour facial includes facial massage with steam, extractions, and mask.

90 minutes$90.00

More Facials

Botanical Facial (1 hr.) $70.00
Freshen-up Facial (30 min.)$35.00
Bridal Fresh Facial (30 min.)$45.00
Micro-Current Follow-up Treatment (30 min.)$30.00
Pigment Refining Facial (90 min.)$90.00
Refining Follow-up Treatment (30 min.)$35.00
Microdermabrasion (90 min.)$90.00
Enzyme Peel$35.00

Add to any facial:

Lip plump milk Ďn honey collagen mask$5.00
Eye lift milk ín honey collagen mask$10.00
Neck lift crystal collagen mask$14.00


Hair removal by waxing is one of the safest and most effective ways to temporarily eliminate unwanted hair and to achieve smoother skin and longer lasting results than shaving. Depending on individual hair growth patterns, most people can achieve results that last from two to eight weeks. With regular, repeated waxing service, hair re-growth is often lighter and finer.

Lip or Chinfrom $12
Browfrom $15
Brow Ė New Shapingfrom $20
Toesfrom $12
Sides of Facefrom $20
Full FaceFrom $55
Underarmfrom $25
Arm Halffrom $30
Fullfrom $40
Leg Halffrom $35
Fullfrom $60
Chestfrom $35
Backfrom $50
Bikini (women only)from $35
Brazilian (women only)from $60


Special occasions or just a special night out on the town calls for perfection in your make up. Consider our airbrush application for longer lasting wear and photography. Eyelash application is also available. Let the professionals at Avalon Salon and Day Spa assist you in creating a flawless look.

Full Applicationfrom $50
Airbrush Applicationfrom $60
False Eyelashes w/Makeup Applicationfrom $10

Personal Airbrush Tanning

Personal Airbrush Tanning or Couture Sunless Tanning is the art of customizing a tan especially for you. Our certified tanning specialists will use our anti-aging spray formula to personally create a flawless, safe, sunless tan that will add color and confidence to your life! Never orange! Always fabulous!

Full Body Airbrush Tanfrom $35
Upper Body (arms, decollete, face)from $25
Lower Body (from thighs to feet)from $20


We offer natural, well-nail services and a variety of polishes, including 14-day polish from CND. Youíll enjoy our clean environment and professional staff and services.

Spa Manicure

This indulgent manicure includes a therapeutic hand scrub followed by a moisturizing cuticle soak and nail grooming. Your hand and lower arm will be treated to a luxurious massage followed by application of polish or buffing of the nails.

45 minutes$47.00

Spa Pedicure

Relax in our luxurious pedicure chair while you enjoy a whirlpool foot soak. Your skin will be exfoliated, and a delightful, smoothing masque will be applied. A luxurious foot and lower leg massage, cuticle and nail grooming will follow with an application of polish to the nails or simple buffing.

Spa Pedicure: 60 minutes$58.00


Especially for the gentleman, this relaxing manicure includes nail care, a hand massage, and finishing buff to the nails for a professional look.

30 minutes$20.00

Pamper Your Hands

ManiFast - Brief soak, quick file, polish or buff$20.00
Avalon Manicure - Soak, cut/file, massage, polish$27.00
French Manicure$37.00
Shellac Manicure$37.00
Regular Polish Change on Hands$10.00
Shellac/Gel Polish Soak Offfrom $10
Paraffin (Softening) Treatment for hands$10.00
Nail Art Ė starts at $2 per nailRequires Consultation

Treat Your Feet

Avalon Pedicure$43.00
French Pedicure$53.00
Pedicure with Callus Treatment$65.00
Regular Polish Change on Feet$20.00
Paraffin (Softening) Treatment for Feet$15.00
Add fragrance to any pedicure for only$5.00


Our licensed, professional massage therapist can provide a variety of massage modalities to help you relax or relieve tight, aching muscles.

Our Massage Therapists are professionally trained, licensed individuals who have met all state and local requirements.

Actual hands-on massage time may be affected by how long a client requires for consultation and dressing.

Our Massage Therapists are professionally trained and licensed in providing therapeutic massage. For the protection of clients and staff, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Relaxation Massage

The relaxation massage uses a light to medium touch in order to relax the body and relive stress. It is also known as a Swedish massage.

Relaxation Massage: 60 minutes$60.00
Relaxation Massage: 90 minutes$85.00

Therapeutic Massage

The therapeutic massage focuses on manipulation of deep muscle tissue in order to relieve pain, smooth knots and release tension.

Therapeutic Massage: 60 minutes$70.00
Therapeutic Massage: 90 minutes$95.00

Pregnancy Massage

Perfect for the mom-to-be or the new mom! This massage is tailored to help relieve muscle aches and pains that occur in the prenatal or post-natal body.

Pregnancy Massage: 3rd Trimester Only$70.00

Sports Massage

The sports massage is designed with the athlete in mind to address problem areas that are often related to a specific sport.

Sports Massage: 60 minutes$70.00


(feet, hands)

30 minutes (must be added to full massage)$45.00
60 minutes$65.00

Hair Page

Hair Services

The Blowout (Shampoo, Blowdry)from $20
The Blowout - Long or heavily textured hairfrom †$15 additional
The Blowout - Flat iron or curling ironfrom $15 additional
Womenís Cut & Finishfrom $40
Braidingfrom $25
Formal Occasion Stylesfrom $65
Bridal Styling (style, veil/ornament placement)from $150
Tiny Trim (Hairlines & Bangs)from $10
Menís Cut & Finishfrom $25
Kidís Cut (ages 6-12)from $20
Add a Conditioning Treatmentfrom $20
Permanents & Body Wavesfrom $80
Brazilian Blowout (straightening)Requires Consultation
Hair ExtensionsRequires Consultation

Color Services

Single Process (all over, one color)from $60
Partial Hi/Lo-Lites (foil or balayage)from $70
Full Hi/Lo-Lites (foil or balayage)from $100
Menís Hi-Litesfrom $40
Brow Tintingfrom $15
Specialty Colors/TechniquesRequires Consultation
Corrective ColorRequires Consultation